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Welcome to ABUCHI CHIPAC LIMITED (RC:1277663)

(A Division of Abutex Food Equipment Co., Ltd.)
Industrial Kitchen Equipment Gaint and General Merchant.

Established in 2009, backed by a valued industry experience we specialize in importation, marketing and distribution of commercial kitchen equipments, bakery Equipment, catering, fast food, hotel, pastry, refrigeration, laundry/dry cleaning equipment.


Known for its reputation of expertly guiding its clients through installation, training and maintenance of thier products, Abuchi Chipac Limited. Under the visionary leadership of Abuchi Vincent Iloanya, has grown from a small business to a well known organisation in commercial kitchen and laundry equipment business in Nigeria.


Our ranges of products varies from Electric, Gas and manual operated machines such as oven, mixers, Ice cream machine, washing machine/dryer, bain marie/snacks warmer, refrigeration/ice maker, Dough moulder/manual divider etc.We represent commercial kitchen and laundry equipments manufacturers from variuos countries around the world.


Whether you are into fast food, hotel, Catering, bakery, dry cleaning or confectionaries Abuchi chipac Limited has you covered. At Abuchi Chipac Limited we offer high quality products with competitive price and after sales service through our Dedicated team.