Drink dispenser LSJ-50L



Drink Dispenser
* Functions: spraying and cooling and heating
* Automatic Cold control
*High strength and nonpoisonous freezing tank
*Acid .alkali and low temperature resistant


Drink dispenser

(cool,mixing type)

Model: LSJ-50L

Voltage: 220-240v/110-115v

Cold power: 380w

Cold-beverage temperature: 7~12℃

Capacity: 50L


Model Type Volts Power Volume Dimension (mm) Model Type Volts Power Volume Dimension (mm)
LSP-12LX1 cool .spraying type 220v 50hz 195w 12L/18L 340x450x700 LSP-12LX2 cool, spraying
220v 50hz 352w 2X12L/18L 490x450x700
LSRP-12LX1 cool&hot,spraying type 220v 50hz 195w+460w 12L/18L 340x450x700 LSRP-12LX2 cool & hot, spraying type 220v 50hz 352w+920w 2X12L/18L 490x450x700
LSJ-12LX1 cool,mixing type 220v 50hz 151w 12L/18L 340x450x700 LSJ-12LX2 cool,mixing type 220v 50hz 244w 2X12L/18L 490x450x700
LSRJ-12LX1 cool&hot,mixing type 220v 50hz 151w+410w 12L/18L 340x450x700 LSRJ-12LX2 cool&hot,mixing type 220v 50hz 244w+820w 2X12L/18L 490x450x700
LSP-12LX3 cool,spraying type 220v 50hz 452w 3X12L/18L 750x450x700 LSP-50L cool,spraying type 220v 50hz 304w 50L 490x490x730
LSRP-12LX3 cool&hot,spraying type 220v 50hz 452w+1380w 3X12L/18L 750x450x700 LSRP-50L cool&hot,spraying type 220v 50hz 304w+1100w 50L 490x490x730
LSJ-12LX3 cool,mixing type 220v 50hz 278w 3x12L/18L 750x450x700 LSJ-50L cool,mixing type 220v 50hz 258w 50L 490x490x730
LSRJ-12LX3 cool&hot,mixing type 220v 50hz 278w+1218w 3x12L/18L 750x450x700 LSRJ-50L cool&hot,mixing type 220v 50hz 258w+1000w 50L 490x490x730