Food Cutter N-QS620A/B



Food Cutter
Cutter machine can cut meat, vegetable, melon and fruit rapidly to make fillings .
1 )driven by worm wheels and worm-type speed-down gears.
2) compact structure, fine appearance, easy operation & high efficiency.
3) equipped with a protective device that makes the operation more safe and reliable.
4) durable and hygienic, all parts that contact the food directly are made of anti-corrosion Al alloy and stainless steel.

Model Material Power Volt Cap. Prod. Weight Dimension Model Power Volt Cap. Weight Dimension
N-TQ5A/B A:pairted/B:Polishing 0.37kw 220V 5L 80kg/h 62kg 530x420x540mm N-QS503A 0.65 kw 220V 3 L 32kg 230x300x480 mm
N-TQ8A/B A:pairted/B:Polishing 0.75kw 220V 8L 120kg/h 90kg 800x550x550mm N-QS505A 1.5 kw 220V 5 L 39kg 305x380x530 mm
N-QS620A/B A:pairted/B:S/Steel 1.1 kw 3-380V 20L 120kg/h 126kg 775x710x940mm N-QS508A 1.5 kw 220V 8 L 56kg 370x445x615 mm
N-QS630 S/Steel 2.2/2.8kw 3-380V 25L 300kg/h 318kg 990x810x980mm N-QS503 0.65 kw 3-380V 3 L 32kg 230x300x480 mm
N-QS505 1.5 kw 3-380V 5 L 39kg 305x380x530 mm
N-QS508 1.5 kw 3-380V 8 L 56kg 370x445x615 mm
N-QS513 3.5 kw 3-380V 13L 140kg 420x680x720mm
N-QS515 3.5 kw 3-380V 15L 143 kg 420x680x720 mm