Hot Dog Machine HD-1



Hot Dog Machine
AII stainless steel body.
*elegant design, attractive outline; *durable and hygienic, food grade stainless steel;
*convenient to use and easy to clean




Rated Frequency(Hz)50/60


Roll qty: 4

Packing size(mm);575*340*430


Model Power Volts Roll qty Dimension (mm) Model Power Volts Roll qty Dimension (mm)
N-HD-TW 0.45KW 220v 50Hz ~ 240X300X385 N-RG5M 0.5KW 220v 50Hz 5 442X250X175
N-HD-TW-2 0.7KW 220v 50Hz ~ 467X300X385 N-RG7M 0.7KW 220v 50Hz 7 442X325X175
N-RG5 0.5KW 220v 50Hz 5 440X251X181 N-RG9M 0.9KW 220v 50Hz 9 553X402X175
N-RG7 0.7KW 220v 50Hz 7 443X325X205 N-RG11M 1.1 KW 220v 50Hz 11 553X475X175
N-RG9 0.9KW 220v 50Hz 9 553X402X215 N-RG9BW 1.2KW 220v 50Hz ~ 460X515X385
N-RG11 1.1 KW 220v 50Hz 11 553X475X221 N-RG11BW 1.55KW 220v 50Hz ~ 660X575X385
N-EB32W 0.45KW 220v 50Hz ~ 890X540X290