Manual Sausage Filler



Manual Sausage Filler
New powerful gear system, enable the user to release the plunger for really quick and easy refilling .Long service life .Four-size stuffing tubes are appropriate for stuffing almost all kinds of sausage, ranging in size from breakfast links to large diameter salamis and bologna.

Model Capacity Type Material Weight Dimension Model Capacity Type Material Weight Dimension
N-CH3 3L horizontal painted 10kg 430X200X200 mm N-CV3 3L vertical painted 10kg 550X300X300 mm
N-CH5 5L horizontal painted 12.5kg 550X200X200 mm N-CV5 5L vertical painted 12.5kg 660X300X300 mm
N-CH7 7L horizontal painted 13kg 690X200X200 mm N-CV7 7L vertical painted 13kg 720X360X360 mm
N-CH10 10L horizontal painted 16kg 740X330X310 mm N-CV10 10L vertical painted 16kg 720X360X360 mm
N-SH3 3L horizontal S/Steel 10kg 430X200X200 mm N-SV3 3L vertical S/Steel 10kg 550X300X300 mm
N-SH5 5L horizontal S/Steel 12.5kg 550X200X200 mm N-SV5 5L vertical S/Steel 12.5kg 660X300X300 mm
N-SH7 7L horizontal S/Steel 13kg 690X200X200 mm N-SV7 7L vertical S/Steel 13kg 720X360X360 mm
N-SH10 10L horizontal S/Steel 16kg 740X330X310 mm N-SV10 10L vertical S/Stee 16kg 720X360X360 mm