Meat Mincer N-TC32



STANDARD: Meat Mincer is worm driven and with stable performance. It’s made of stainless steel, alloy, etc. Strict compliance with hygienic & safe standard, CE certificate. All the parts can broke down, cleaned, easily installed. Machine supplied with one crossing knife and two hole plates.

NOTICE: This meat grinder is only suitable for grinding meat which without bones.

Model Power Volt Frequency Efficient Weight Dimension
N-TC8 0.37 KW 110/220/230 50/60 80kg/h 17kg 395x245x385mm
N-TC12 0.65KW 110/220/230 50/60 120kg/h 21kg 440x280x445mm
N-TC22 1.1 KW 110/220/230 50/60 220kg/h 27kg 410x240x450mm
N-TC32 1.5KW 110/220/230/380 50/60 320Kg/h 63kg 745x360x540mm
N-MM12N 0.8KV 220V 50HZ 150Kg/h 26kg 455x305x400mm