Potato Peeler N-PP10C



Potato Peeler
Potato Peeler adopts the technology of centrifugal principle and peeling. It has the advantage of nice exterior, high working efficiency, stable in quality. The main parts are made of stainless steel and it is mainly used for peeling the potatoes, taros, arrowhead and similar vegetable.
The new Potato Peeler which adopts two security switches to cut the power when open either upper cover or discharge door. The machine is complied with standard of CE certificate, it is more safe and user-friendly

Model Power Volt Capacity Tank Capacity Weight Dimension
N-PP10C 550w 220v 240~280kq/hr 10L 53kq 510X510X900mm
N-PP15C 750w 220v 480~900kq/hr 15L 62kq 580X580X950mm
N-PP30C 1500w 220v/380v 1080-2160kq/hr 30L 89kq 660X640X1110mm
N-PP8B 750w 220v 240~280kq/hr 10L 58kq 560X520X950mm
N-PP15B 1100w 220v 480~900kq/tr 15L 79kq 610X550X950mm
N-PP25B 1500w 220v/380v 1080-2160kq/hr 25L 95kq 690X640X1140mm