Sausage Filler N-BX35-150 Filling Mixer



N-BX35-150 Filling Mixer is a food-processing machine specially designed for processing various crushed food such as stuffing .Two pairs of blenders rotate and reverse to ensure uniform blending . All the spare parts contacting the food directly are made of stainless steel or are specially plated to meet the national hygiene standard for food .


Model Power Volt Bowl Dia. Weight Dimension Model Power Volt Production
Weight Dimension
N-SF150 450W 220V <t>200mm 75kg 600x400x1240mm N-BX35 0.75kw 220V 35L 125kg 720x450x1000mm
N-SF260 750W 220V <t>260mm 90kg 640x485x1240mm N-BX50 1.1 kw 220V 50L 138kg 820x510x1100mm
N-SF350 750W 220V <t>320mm 105kg 735x560x1240mm N-BX70 1.5kw 220V 70L 203kg 920x556x1140mm
N-BX100 1.5kw 220V 100L 225kg 1010x556x1140mm
N-BX150 2.5kw 220V 150L 295kg 1410x586x1540mm