Sausage Filler



Rapid Sausage Filler is an ideal machine used for processing and filling sausage, ham sausage in the meat processing factories, individual food industrial and commercial units.
1.designed with stainless steel structure and luxurious appearance, it works at low noise and high efficiency.
2.With large volume charging basket and the up-down filling is done by the hydraulic pressure system.
3.The double control between conversed switch and foot pedal switch ensures safe operation.
4.Theside linked hydraulic pressure package is easy to in¬stall, remove and maintain.


Model Power Volt Bowl Dia. Weight Dimension Model Power Volt Production
Weight Dimension
N-SF150 450W 220V <t>200mm 75kg 600x400x1240mm N-BX35 0.75kw 220V 35L 125kg 720x450x1000mm
N-SF260 750W 220V <t>260mm 90kg 640x485x1240mm N-BX50 1.1 kw 220V 50L 138kg 820x510x1100mm
N-SF350 750W 220V <t>320mm 105kg 735x560x1240mm N-BX70 1.5kw 220V 70L 203kg 920x556x1140mm
N-BX100 1.5kw 220V 100L 225kg 1010x556x1140mm
N-BX150 2.5kw 220V 150L 295kg 1410x586x1540mm