Slush machine XRJ-15LX2



Slush Machine & Drink Dispenser
Slush Machine can used for variety of beverage such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices,
smoothies, coffees, cappuccino and tea slush beverages. May also be operated in chilled drink mode.
1.Automatic control, Stainless steel body,
2.Hermetic compressor, Air cooled condenser,
3.Super strong tanks non-toxic poly carbonate. Acid, alkali at low temperature
4.Low noise, Efficiency pump.
5.Magnetic forced transmission .Separately control for each tank
6.CE approved.

9L Drink Dispenser

Model Volt Power Volume Dimension (mm)
XRJ-12LX2 220v 50hz 900w 2X12L 570×370^730
XRJ-12LX3 220v 50hz 1100w 3X12L 700x580x730
XXRJ-12LX2 220v 50hz 900w 2X12L 570x370x730
XXRJ-12LX3 220v 50hz 1100w 3X12L 700x580x730
XRJ-15LX1 220v 50hz 600w 15L 560x330x750
XRJ-15LX2 220v 50hz 800w 2X15L 560x440x750
XRJ-15LX3 220v 50hz 1100w 3X15L 560x640x750