Sugar Cane Juice Extractor N-160



Sugar Cane Juice Extractor

Sugar Cane Juice Extractor which has an aesthetic appearance, compact design, easy to operate and high efficiency are electric-operated. It adopts the worm and chain driven or gear and chain driven. The rollers can be took apart to clean. The machine is especially suit¬able for extracting hard sugar cane. All the spare parts in touch with food are made of stain¬less steel to ensure the healthy. Besides, the juice and dregs are separated automatically and fast, you could drink directly after extracting to enjoy the original juice and taste. The machine can also extract juice or other similar fruits.

Model Power Volt Capacity Juice Yield Weight Dimension
N-160 ~ ~ ~ ~ 37kq 435X365X350mm
N-100A 750w 220v 350-400kq/hr 70% 68kq 560X360X590mm
N-100B 750w 220v 350-400kq/hr 75% 72kq 560X360X650mm
N-100BE 750w 220v 350-400kq/hr 75% 85kq 580X530X750mm
N-160L 750w 220v 350-400kq/hr 70% 64kq 420X340X850mm