1. Suitable for making cakes, butter, stuffing mix as well as stir flour mixture under 2.5kg.
2. High-quality stainless steel and stainless steel accessories, guarantee health.
3. Security guard, save time.
4. Gear been precision machine and special heat treatment low noise, longer using.
5. Three stirring speed professionals developed can reach the best mixing effect for.
6. Optional trip switch, stop switch security settings, ease of use.

Maxing kneading capacity:2.5kg
Net Weight:65kg

Spare Parts:

The hook: used to mixing the high adhibit food by low speed,such as flour.when mixing,generally add 0.47kg water per 1kg flour.
The whip: used to mixing the mid adhibit food by low speed or mid speed,such as filling.
The beater: used to mixing the low adhibit food by high speed,such as beat egg,butter

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●  Heavy duty for 2.5kg flour
●  Powerful motor with overload protector
●  Gear with high wear resistance of tin bronze, durability
●  Overall tensile bowl, without welding interface, more durable
●  Good Painting, more beautiful